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Extruded Polymers

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Custom Plastic Extrusions
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Inside our Precision Parts Catalogue you'll find the Highest Quality and Widest Selection of plastic parts for the Office Furniture Refurbishing Industry.

As our catalogue's name suggests, you'll also find "Precision" . Precision that makes things go right, first time...every time. In your plant or in the field, it's precision you'll come to depend on when schedules get tight and margins are tighter.

Whether it's an "Original" Steelcase® Panel Hinge, or one of 18 "No Trim®" T-moldings in dozens of industry standard colors, or a custom profile made exclusively for you, it's Precision and "Innovation" that's been copied but never duplicated.

You'll also find Amazingly Good Prices, and one other thing we think is most important. A heartfelt commitment by our entire staff to become your Very Best supplier.

Whether you buy a little at a time, or a lot at a time, you have our promise to deliver the very best we have to offer Every time! - because we're not only interested in having your business, we're interested in earning it.

Thank you for the opportunity.


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Extruded Polymers
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