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Extruded Polymers
Custom Plastic Extrusions
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Part# BKT          Quantity: 300 ft/roll          Price: 25˘/ft
Available by special order.
See Color Reference Chart

Part# WPT          Quantity: 200 ft/roll          Price: 72˘/ft
Available in black.      Other colors by special order.
See Color Reference Chart

Part# H-687          Quantity: 300 ft/roll          Price: 18˘/ft
Available by special order.

Part# Coex-T       Quantity: 250 ft/roll          Price: Contact Us
High quality, scuff-resistant, Co-extruded vinyl t-molding. 
Co-extruded with colored stripes permanently embedded in the head.
Lots of color combinations.  Patented.
See Color Reference Chart

Part# M-187BT        Quantity: 250 ft/roll             Price: 34˘/ft
High quality, scuff-resistant, extruded vinyl t-molding designed as an 
alternative to for M-187.
The thicker tail is perfect for re-routed tops.
No trimming required under normal circumstances.

Our patented A-BASE® Brand Wallbase is the ultimate finishing touch to any
installation.  This unique, High-Tech look has been specified in some of today's
finest new building projects such as Steelcase's Pyramid, Mount St. Helen's
Observatory, Eli Lilly's World Headquarters, and Jacksonville International
Airport, to name a few.
Available by special order.    Contact Us

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Extruded Polymers
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